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About Pre-Planning

Every other aspect of our lives require planning in some way, shape or form. However, most people don’t have a plan in place for when it comes to their funeral.

Having a plan in place for your Funeral allows your family to spend more time on the important things, when the time comes. Your family will be able to worry less about the decisions that they’re making and afford them the time that they need to be able to be with each other and process the grief that they are dealing with.

It doesn’t matter how elaborate or modest your arrangements may be, at least if you have them in place, there will be no wondering what you would have wanted.


How It Works

Pre-planning your funeral can leave you feeling very accomplished, knowing that you’ve taken care of everything, down to the finest details.

Have you given thought to how you want to be remembered? What kind of legacy you would like to leave? Did you leave footprints through your talents at work or leave impacting memories with your kindness and thoughtfulness of others?

Discussing the highs and re-living the achievements of your life with those you hold dearest, could be a wonderful experiene as well as provide loved ones with a level of comfort, knowing that when the time comes they’ll be able to do things the way that you want them.

Have you had the conversation with your loved ones about what you’d like to happen when you pass away? Are you waiting for the right time? There might neer be a convenient time to have the conversation, but what if there was another way?

Instead of looking at the certainty of death with fear, we changed the dialogue to one where we were masters of how the story of our life would be told? Where we took control of how our life was celebrated with the refinement and acknowledgement it deserves.

Pre-planning for your funeral can ease the pressure and decisions faced by your loved ones. At the same time, it allows you to direct and manage the way you’d ike to be remembered.

We work with you and present you with options in order to create a fitting, unique and truly memorable farewell. 


Pre-paying your funeral relieves the heaviest burden of all when it comes to Funeral Arrangements. Many families struggle to gather together the funds required to afford the perfect farewell – So, why not take that worry from them.

We can help you set up either weekly, fornightly or monthly payments towards a Funeral Bond or Funeral Insurance.

We tend to offer Funeral Bonds to our families as they are more practical than initiating an insurance policy.

We are agents of a Queensland Company called Sureplan. Sureplan is a member owned fund, designed to keep your funds safe and secure until such time that they are needed.

We encourage people to explore their options of pre-paying for their funeral arrangements, at the time of making them.


Talk to us today about your options and how you can start pre-paying for your funeral arrangements. You can find out more about Sureplan by clicking here.

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