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About Cremation

Cremation has become far more preferred in recent times, due to the rising costs of burials in Australia. Cremation is a far simpler and much more affordable for the average Australian Family. 

Cremation also comes with more benefits for the family left behind also, some of these include: You now have a multitude of options that you can choose to memorialise your loved one. You may choose to keep their ashes with you at home, scatter them at sea or over their favourite mountain, you may even have their ashes placed into Gold & Silver Jewellery, Teddy Bears and even diamonds.


About Burial

Burial has been seen as the traditional method for Funeral Services for many decades. Burials now-a-days are few and far between in comparison to cremation, given the rising costs and fees associated with burying a loved one. In many cultures and faiths, Burial is seen as a necessary ritual for their loved ones to enter their “after life” and continue their walk with faith. 

Our family can assist you with your burial requirements on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & all surrounding areas.


Direct Cremation

A Direct Cremation has become more popular in recent times, due to most Funeral Homes offering over priced Funeral Services. Most families would rather have a direct cremation and put their monies towards a Memorial Service or Wake in memory of their loved one. A Direct Cremation with Newman Family Funerals has been made simple, easy & affordable.

Funeral Service + Burial

Whether you’re in a church, chapel or public venue – our Family can help arrange the perfect fitting life celebration for a loved one finished with the flowing of memories and stories around their grave. A graveside service can be arranged on your behalf at your chosen cemetery.

Babies & Children

The loss of a baby or child comes with unimagineable grief and great sadness. Our family are committed to helping grieving families following the loss of a child, by affording most of the costs associated with their services. If you or someone you know is experiencing the loss of a baby or child, you can contact Newman Family Funerals for further help and advice.

Funeral Service + Cremation

Our family specialise in providing personalised and memorable Funeral Services & Cremations. With the flexibility of public chapels or venues, we can really personals and tailor a service which is fitted for the memory of a loved one. A cremation following a Funeral Service is the preferred option for families, making this process a lot easier and much more affordable.


For those who pass away here, in Australia and wish to return to their home-land for their funeral or burial service – Repatriation is an option for you. We can arrange to have a loved one flown home tocarry out their traditional burial rites in their own language, and culture. The cost of repatriation varies depending on the location of the home-land – You should check with your Funeral Director for pricing.

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